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Natura Bio Science is a Company engaged in the scientific research and development of nature based wellness products, in the flawless and streamlined production of such products without any depletion in the health benefits and in the marketing of such products by direct marketing methods facilitated through distributors.


Fenugreek, Trigonellafoenum-graecum, is a popular herb in India and Arabic regions used traditionally for flavouring dishes and as a medicine for treating boils, tuberculosis, cellulitis, inflammations, diabetes, menstrual disorders, obesity, etc. It has got diuretic effects and is believed to enhance libido and masculinity and to increase testosterone production. Though clinical evidence is limited to substantiate the claim, lactating mothers whose milk production is too low are advised to take fenugreek as it is a time proven folk medicine for increasing milk production. >>>


MegaBoon is a vegetarian based combination of Omega fatty acids extracted from organically cultivated flax seed, soybean seed and wheat germ. MegaBoon fortifies the whole system and fights several lifestyle diseases and prevents common health hazards.

The composition of all fatty acids is the same: chains of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It is the molecular configuration that changes causing differing health effects. Omega fatty acids are unsaturated healthy fats and prevent several illnesses like depression, brain dysfunction, asthma, heart diseases and arthritis.>>>


Curcumin is one of the three curcuminoids in turmeric, Curcumin longa. Curcuminoids are natural phenols that give yellow colour to turmeric. Curcumin is responsible for most of the biological activities of turmeric. It is extracted from the dried rhizome of the turmeric plant. It is a pleiotropic molecule capable of interacting with molecular targets involved in inflammation. Studies suggest that it can ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. >>>


SpiruBna is pure and natural high grade imported spirulina. It is extracted through scientific and environmental-friendly processes and made into capsules, without any loss of effectiveness in the process. By encasing the powder in capsules the likelihood of the spilt powder staining clothes can be avoided and the strong taste of spirulina can be restrained during its initial contact with the taste buds, besides preserving the properties for longer periods.>>>

3C Noni Hair Color

3C Noni Hair Color Black is made from the essence of genuine and selected Noni fruit, the wonder remedy traditionally used for several ailments and for wellness. The essence is extracted and processed through a scientific, hygienic and proprietary process. Extracts of wild ganoderma lucidum and wild ginseng are also added. It is completely chemical free. It can rapidly and safely turn your hair natural black without any undesirable side effects. It can dispel the stubborn dandruff and supplement nutrients to the roots of the hair and effectively prevent hair loss. It is safe and healthy and easy to use. It will never damage, fade or redden the hair.>>>


Spiromaxima is spirulina in its pure and natural form, named so because the selected raw material and the streamlined process of extraction ensure the retention of maximum effectiveness of the product. Best available spirulina is powdered and encased in standard capsule form for easy consumption, through a proprietary process that does not reduce any of its health benefits. By encapsulating the powder the strong taste of spirulina can be contained and the risk of staining clothing with the colour of the spilt powder can be avoided.>>>

Noni Natura
100% pure extract of Noni

Noni Natura is 100% pure extract of Noni, in highly concentrated form, with no additives or preservatives. It is easy to consume, assimilates fast in the body and works at cellular level, getting to the roots of disorders. It promotes micro-circulation and corrects the metabolism processes in the body. It strengthens the ability of the cells for self defense, boosts nutrition levels and protects the users from damages caused by toxic substances and from the potential harmful effects of everyday environmental chemicals, >>>

Core Values

Team Spirit, Perseverance and Enthusiasm are the three core values that Natura Bio Science family holds closest to its heart. Succeeding in any competitive field, achieving the seemingly impossible targets and leaving the world a far better place in the process are all possible if we hold on to these core values. >>>

Green Earth Revolution

There is more and more awareness and concern about the need for health and wellness all over the world. People are concerned about the dangers of the mainstream medical system in general and about the side-effects of particular allopathic medicines and treatments. More and more people are turning to traditional nature-based >>>

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